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Wi-Fi Advertising
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Offering Internet access as a hotspot is a premium service that can deliver superior returns to advertising. Why? Because customers are looking for—if not demanding—the service when they come to a pub, coffee house, transit centre, or any hospitality venue where people gather.

Wi-Fi Advertising

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Who’s Uses Wireless?
Tens of millions of users around the world every year. Hundreds of thousands of hotspots play host to them. The figures are so large and changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep track.
Many of those users are well connected, tech-savvy, active consumers. If it’s innovative, creative, and hot, they want to find it first. And just as many are people like you and me, trying to get our jobs done and to keep in touch with the family and friends.
Travelers are high users of wireless services, and the Caribbean is filled with travelers from around the world. They need to look for information, but they don’t have access to their normal means to do so. They need to keep in touch with people back at the office or back home. If they’re on business, they may need videoconferencing. If they’re away from family, they may want Skype. Wi-Fi technology makes it possible for you to satisfy all those needs.
Why Reach People on the Go?
• Because they’re often out and about and in the mood for consuming
• Because they’re open to anything new, anything exciting, anything you have to say
• Because they’re responsive to targeted messages that talk directly to them
• Because they’re eager to stay informed
For advertisers, that’s a big bonus. It means that your target market is getting ready to sit down and connect, and you can get to them right from the start. Your customer has to view your message before being able to access the Internet, giving you a very captive audience!
Why Reach Them Using Wireless?
Reaching your target market customers while they sit comfortably on your premises accomplishes many goals:
• Offering a targeted message.
• Talking directly to a knowledgeable, informed clientele, people who want to know about everything around them.
• Increasing the reputation of your company’s product or service
• Winning new customers
Reach Customers Where and When They’re Ready to Be Reached
Through free-hotspot.com, you can have your advertisement appear on a wireless device being used at any free-hotspot.com location anywhere in the world. You can zero your message in on specific locations. Take advantage of that capability by offering something to prospects who could be close by and looking for a tempting offer from your nearby location.
To reach such a coveted market through such an exciting medium, talk to a Copia Communications wireless specialist.
Need more reasons? That’s why we’re here. Please contact one of our wireless advertising specialists. Through free-hotspot.com, we can get your advertising message to any free-hotspot.com location anywhere in the world.
Reach Your Target Market with One Easy Connection
Wireless advertising talks to people who are ready to listen. Simply put, your ad gets viewed by the right people at the right time.