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Wi-Fi Advertising
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Your customers are often on the go and away from traditional media outlets. But they’re never out of reach of their laptops, netbooks, and other mobile devices. Advertising over wireless devices through free-hotspot.com can reach those people wherever they are at any time.

Wi-Fi Advertising

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Reach People on the Move Anywhere Anytime

Tourists are busy making the most of their holidays—even if they’re spent by the pool. Business people are dashing to the next meeting. People across the Caribbean, like people everywhere, are on the move to work, to school, or to the market. As an advertiser, you can reach them through their wireless devices whenever they stop by a free-hotspot.com location.
Copia Communications is the exclusive free-hotspot.com partner for the Caribbean. At free-hotspot.com locations across the region, Copia Communications makes it easy for you to reach your target market. To discuss your advertising needs, contact one of our free-hotspot.com representatives.
How Does It Work?
A free-hotspot.com location pays for the equipment and installation and then a monthly fee. Connection to the Internet is offered free to the venue’s customers while they consume the products and services offered on the premises. Free use of the Internet is granted for a specific period of time, but it can only be accessed after viewing a supplied video or graphic advertising message—YOUR advertising message.
To see why free-hotspot.com has been so successful for companies such as Avis, MacDonald’s, Burger King, Choice Hotels, tourist boards, and many others, talk to one of our advertising specialists.
Wireless advertising offers four main advantages:
• Because it so portable, it is available anywhere your target market is.
• Because of the data available on users, it can be targeted to your most valuable customers.
• Because it can also be targeted by location, you can reach your customer at specific venues.
• Because it’s tracked, you can access statistics on the people who view your message.
With quickly increasing numbers of users, the abilities of wireless advertising are hard to ignore:
• They increase sales by targeting users at the moments when they’re poised to purchase.
• They quickly get the user to your call to action.
• They build brand awareness, often where the customer is actually in an environment when it can immediately be purchased.
What’s in It for Advertisers
As free-hotspot.com advertiser, you can take advantage of a number of benefits that make wireless free-hotspot.com advertising so effective:
• The ability to place your ad at any free-hotspot.com location anywhere in the world
• The ability to target your message to users, even at specific locations
• The ability to see live updated statistics on where, when and how many times your ad has been seen
So what are you waiting for ? Get your advertising message to any free-hotspot.com location today.