Internet provider Copia Communications, provides superior customer service

Lewis Fein, a media representative for Copia Communications joins Enterprise Radio. Copia Communications is the leading customized Wi-Fi provider and turnkey solutions provider for hospitality companies in Jamaica.  Copia sets itself apart from other Internet providers by having outstanding employees who solve technical issues and provide superior customer service.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Lewis Fein discuss the following:

  • For the benefit of listeners who have not had a chance to hear our last show about Copia Communications, tell us about the company.
  • The company has achieved some remarkable successes in the Caribbean, starting with the firm’s work on behalf of Secrets Resorts & Spas. Share that story with us?
  • In terms of Copia’s relationship with Secrets, there’s a lot of innovation done with Android smart phones and the iPad. How does that work
  • Why are these services so important?
  • What advantages does Copia offer, in comparison to other firms in the same industry?
  • What’s the response been like from resorts that work with Copia?


Lewis Fein is a media representative for Copia Communications. A writer and marketing consultant, Lewis has a keen appreciation of the union between service and technology within the hospitality industry. Along with Copia’s leadership, Lewis broadens the firm’s message with key members of the media throughout North America.




Copia Communications in Jamaica: Excellence for All





Jamaica is a beautiful island, a country rich in history, hospitality and a stunning environment. No wonder travelers flock to this peaceful destination, where they relax amidst incredible scenery while enjoying exceptional service from a preferred hotel or resort. These benefits do not preclude access to the outside world. Meaning: even in paradise – and Jamaica is a Caribbean gem – people want to stay abreast of news, information and entertainment. Which means they want to get online. Which also means there is one company – a proven leader – with the experience and talent to handle this assignment — Copia Communications!

Our credibility explains this success because we put people before profits. And no, that statement is not a trite expression; it may be marketing blather for others, those without sense of leadership and ethics, but we believe our patrons deserve excellent service and the counsel of technology professionals. We do just that, free of false promises or soulless ad copy. We deliver — for them and for you!

Communications and Hospitality: A Winning Combination



One of the hallmarks of excellent service is an emphasis on necessities that seem like luxuries. For example: there are many premium hotels, some of which are in exotic locales, where basic Internet access is non-existent. While this fact may be hard to believe – how can a top resort or hotel not have Wi-Fi access? – it is may be all too common within the hospitality industry. Until now.

Copia Communications changes this dynamic by empowering hoteliers with innovative technology. In other words, hotels in the Caribbean now have a trusted partner who can customize solutions that meet the requirements – the Wi-Fi specifications of a given property – for guests who want one very simple thing: the ability to get online – and stay online – with speed and convenience. That means sending and receiving email, using social media, finding news, corresponding with friends and coworkers — staying connected. Period.

Copia Communications delivers on that promise with results that meet the expectations of hotel owners, operators and managers. A winning combination, indeed!




The Wi-Fi Revolution, Or:The Medium Is the Message



Care to name the single most important feature travelers want from a hotel or resort? Put aside fanciful notions of sumptuous beds and inviting views, of decadent meals and beautifully appointed spas. All of these things matter, and we should never discourage hoteliers from offering the very best accommodations and suite of services. But the principal feature every traveler needs is the ability to quickly and conveniently access the Internet. Hence the success of Copia Communications.

Our ability to develop customized solutions for hotels and resorts throughout the Caribbean is part of the so-called Internet Revolution: an answer to travelers – both business and leisure – who want to get online with speed and reliability. By offering this feature, and by maintaining excellent service through a combination of hands-on support and technical expertise, Copia delivers valuable results. Welcome to the new age of communications!

Copia Communications in Action: Results and Expertise











The power of Copia Communications rests with one essential concept: expertise. That is, our professionals have the ability – and the wisdom – to customize solutions for hotels and resorts throughout the Caribbean in general and Jamaica in particular. By offering a variety of communications options – plans that enable guests to access the Internet with convenience and efficiency – Copia delivers the kind of quality service few can match.

This statement is neither a form of corporate boilerplate, which is nothing more than a bloated corporate slogan, nor is it an act of grand self-indulgence. On the contrary, our commitment to transforming the way hotels embrace the Internet – including the multiple ways travelers use this medium for their personal and professional goals – reflects the interests of the clients we serve. It is this distinction that enables some of the most acclaimed hotels and resorts to stay ahead of the competition, thanks to the expertise Copia provides.

We continue to reach new milestones, never forsaking the principles that inspire us. Which is to say, expertise is an absolute for us; we honor its importance, and safeguard its integrity. Period.


Copia Communications and the Caribbean: Wi-Fi Excellence

The Caribbean has a deserved reputation as a travel destination filled with natural beauty and acclaimed resorts and hotels. All of this is true, but if there is a misconception about this area – a benign idea about the difference between “work” and “play” – it centers around the way travelers use the Internet. Meaning: all hotels and resorts, even those in locales where relaxation is a veritable national pastime, must provide reliable and convenient Internet access. For this wall of separation between business travelers and leisure travelers no longer exists — people want to get online for a variety of reasons; and hoteliers need a credible partner to achieve this goal. Enter Copia Communications, a one-stop source for Wi-Fi and other technological solutions throughout the Caribbean.

An additional point about this region: the Caribbean is a global destination, drawing a diverse array of people, all of whom want to access email, social media, breaking news and communicate with friends and family. Enabling travelers to do that – allowing them to stay online within the grounds of a hotel or resort – is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for hoteliers who want to stay competitive in a highly selective marketplace.

As this blog evolves, we welcome your feedback since communications is the foundation of our business. With our emphasis on clarity and excellence, we look forward to continuing this dialogue.



Wi-Fi in the Caribbean? SuperClubs Offers Wi-Fi from Copia Communications

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